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Venetian - Las Vegas Strip - Shows, Concerts, Nightclubs & Entertainment - Showtimes, Tickets, Ratings and Reviews - Venetian Direct Freight to Show Site. Crated or uncrated, $73.09 per 100 lbs ($219.27, 300 lbs. minimum) GES has exclusive control of the loading/unloading and access to . is your #1 source for The Venetian las vegas shows">las vegas shows and Tickets! Macau shows are many but ZAIA is rare and unique in style and mode, with a mix of dance, movement and aerial acrobatics of a 90 minute mega-production involving 75 .

The Venetian is a canal filled Italian city on the Las Vegas Strip. Host to some of the best shopping, great Las Vegas shows like Phantom and the Blue Man Group, as . Create a corporate or group experience as unique and memorable as the show itself! Blue Man Group at the Venetian is unlike any other show on the Las Vegas Strip. There are no elaborate costumes, no death-defying acrobatics and no scantily clad dancers. Find the best entertainment in las vegas at The Venetian from mesmerizing Las Vegas to our status as a hotspot for the Las Vegas nightlife seeking crowd. A Las Vegas show sensation. Blue Man Group music, songs and comedy rock at The Venetian. Buy Vegas Blue Man Group tickets direct from us online! Las Vegas Shows by Hotel. Find the shows that are currently running at the hotel you are planning on staying at.

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