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¡¡¡¡"No! Edward! No, you can't do this.""I have to, Bella, now please be quiet.""I won't! You

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have to take me back ¡ª Charlie will call the FBI! They'llbe all over your family ¡ª Carlisle and Esme! They'll have to leave, tohide forever!""Calm down, Bella." His voice was cold. "We've been there before.""Not over me, you don't! You're not ruining everything over me!" Istruggled violently, with total futility.Alice spoke for the first time. "Edward, pull over."He flashed her a hard look, and then sped up.
¡¡¡¡"No." Edward was absolute."He's no match

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for us, Edward. He won't be able to touch her.""He'll wait."Emmett smiled. "I can wait, too.""You didn't see ¡ª you don't understand. Once he commits to a hunt, he'sunshakable. We'd have to kill him."Emmett didn't seem upset by the idea. "That's an option.""And the female. She's with him. If it turns into a fight, the leaderwill go with them, too.""There are enough of us.""There's another option," Alice said quietly.
¡¡¡¡"Can Jasper handle this?""Give him

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some credit, Edward. He's been doing very, very well, allthings considered.""Can you handle this?" he asked.And graceful little Alice pulled back her lips in a horrific grimace andlet loose with a guttural snarl that had me cowering against the seat interror.Edward smiled at her. "But keep your opinions to yourself," he mutteredsuddenly.
¡¡¡¡"Bella, don't you dare waste time worrying about me. Your only concern iskeeping yourself safe and ¡ª please, please ¡ª trying not

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to be reckless.""Is he still following?""Yes. He won't attack the house, though. Not tonight."He turned off onto the invisible drive, with Alice following behind.We drove right up to the house. The lights inside were bright, but theydid little to alleviate the blackness of the encroaching forest. Emmetthad my door open before the truck was stopped; he pulled me out of theseat, tucked me like a football into his vast chest, and ran me

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throughthe door.
¡¡¡¡"You don't. But that doesn't mean that you aren't still a temptation toevery one of them. If you had appealed to the tracker ¡ª or any of them ¡ªthe same way you appeal to me, it would have meant a fight right there."I shuddered."I don't think I have any choice but to kill him now," he muttered."Carlisle won't like it."I could hear the tires cross the bridge, though I couldn't see the

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riverin the dark. I knew we were getting close. I had to ask him now.
¡¡¡¡"This is how it's going to happen. When we get to the house, if thetracker is not there, I will walk her to the door. Then she has fifteenminutes." He glared at me

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in the rearview mirror. "Emmett, you take theoutside of the house. Alice, you get the truck. I'll be inside as long asshe is. After she's out, you two can take the Jeep home and tellCarlisle.""No way," Emmett broke in. "I'm with you.""Think it through, Emmett. I don't know how long I'll be gone.""Until we know how far this is going to go, I'm with you."Edward sighed. "If the tracker is there," he continued grimly, "we keepdriving.""We're going to make it there before him," Alice said confidently.Edward seemed to accept that. Whatever his problem with Alice was, hedidn't doubt her now."What are we going to do with

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the Jeep?" she asked.
¡¡¡¡I tried to be persuasive. "Hang out here for a week ¡ª" I saw hisexpression in the mirror and amended "¡ª a few days. Let Charlie see youhaven't kidnapped me, and lead this James on a wild-goose chase. Makesure he's completely off my trail. Then come and meet me. Take aroundabout route, of course, and then Jasper and Alice can go home."I could see him beginning to consider it."Meet you

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where?""Phoenix." Of course.
¡¡¡¡"I do like him ¡ª that's the problem. I can't do this anymore! I can't putdown any more roots here! I don't want to end up trapped in this stupid,boring town like Mom! I'm not going to make the same dumb mistake shedid. I hate it ¡ª I can't stay here another minute!"His hand dropped from my arm like I'd electrocuted him. I turned awayfrom his shocked, wounded face and headed

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for the door."Bells, you can't leave now. It's nighttime," he whispered behind me.
¡¡¡¡Edward turned on her in fury, his voice a blistering snarl. "There ¡ª is ¡ªno ¡ª other ¡ª option!"Emmett and I both stared at him in shock, but Alice seemed unsurprised.The silence lasted for a long minute as Edward and Alice stared eachother down.I broke it. "Does anyone want to hear my plan?""No," Edward growled. Alice glared at him, finally provoked."Listen,"

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I pleaded. "You take me back.""No," he interrupted.
¡¡¡¡"Dammit, Edward! Where are you taking me?""We have to get you away from here ¡ª far away ¡ª now." He didn't lookback, his eyes on the road. The speedometer read a hundred and five milesan hour."Turn around! You have to take me home!" I shouted. I struggled with thestupid harness, tearing at the straps."Emmett," Edward said grimly.And Emmett secured my hands in his steely grasp.

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