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Trivia, description, Cast Members And Episodes List for the Las TV Show on NBC . Centennial (5/23/2005) Las Vegas Third Season. Viva Vegas (9/19/2005) Read how Lowrider Magazine heads to Las for the final super show. The Sin City shakes with the biggest, baddest Lowrider Show ever. . at Chuck Minker Sports Complex in Las Vegas Monday . also the title of the critically acclaimed 2005 . Vegas shows Mexico Cancn Los Cabos Greenspun Media Group June 28 - June 30, 2005, Flamingo . July Upcoming Shows and Concerts . Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. July 1- 2, 2005, Flamingo Las Read how Lowrider Magazine heads to for the final super show. The Sin City shakes with the biggest, baddest Lowrider Show ever. After the show, Hasselhoff went backstage to meet . on Broadway to rave reviews on November 6, 2005 . The Vegas production is staged by the entire . See SEMA 2005 Vegas Show Pictures, Mustang Photos, Mustang Videos and (SEMA Las Show} Babes in our Mustang Picture Gallery.

AllFordMustangs the site for . The Best (and Worst) in Vegas 2005 as voted by the readers of Las Vegas 2005.Com Celebrate the Las Vegas . gaming, sports, weddings, events, shows, and also on music, museums, art collections, cultural events. Las .

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Eyes and sighed with resignation more than ever. "I do not quite understand," said Agnes. "I thought your husband had a commitment to

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gGuess, said Mr. Shaw, pleased that his unusual demonstration had produced such an effect. gThe largest was a regular hothouse bouquet, of tea-rosebuds, scentless heath, and smilax; the second was just a handful of sweet-peas and mignonette, with a few cheerful pansies, and one fragrant little rose in the middle; the third, a small posy of scarlet verbenas, white feverfew, and green leaves. gNot hard

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Tom did his best to be a good host; but ceremony oppressed his spirits, and he was forced to struggle manfully with the wild desire to propose a game of leap-frog, for the long drawing-rooms, cleared for dancing, tempted him sorely. gPolly sat where she was told, and suffered bashful agonies as Fan introduced very fine young ladies and very stiff young gentlemen, who all said about the same civil things, and then appeared to forget

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gShe might wear flowers; they always suit

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young girls, said Mrs. Shaw, privately thinking that her own daughters looked much the best, yet conscious that blooming Polly had the most attractive face. Bless me! I forgot my posies in admiring the belles. Hand them out, Tom; and Mr.
Shaw, with a simper. gAh, Tom, it 's a good sign when you find time to think of giving pleasure to your little girls! And grandma patted her son's bald head as if he was n't more than eighteen. gThomas Jr. had given a somewhat scornful sniff at first; but when grandma praised his father, the young man thought better of the matter, and regarded the flowers with more respect, as he asked, Which is for which?
gPoor Polly, with all her efforts to be contented, and

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courtesy as every one turned to survey them; but Polly stood still, and her eyes went from face to face, with an anxious, wistful air, which seemed to say, I know I 'm not right; but I hope I don't look very bad.
Now run down, for the bell has rung; and remember, not to dance too often, Fan; be as quiet as you can, Tom; and. Maud, don't eat too much supper. Grandma will attend to things, for my poor nerves won't allow me to come down. gWith that, Mrs.
gGrandma read

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the look in a minute; and when Fanny said, with a satisfied smile, How do we look? she answered, drawing Polly toward her so kindly. gVery like the fashion-plates you got the patterns of your dresses from. But this little costume suits me best. gDo you really think I look nice? and Polly's face brightened, for she valued the old lady's opinion very much.
She only said, Thank you, ma'am, and heartily returned the kiss; but the words did her good, and her plain dress looked charming all of a sudden.

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gPolly 's so pretty, it don't matter what she wears, observed Tom, surveying her over his collar with an air of calm approval. gShe has n't got any bwetelles to her dwess, and I have, said Maud, settling her ruffled bands over her shoulders, which looked like cherry-colored wings on a stout little cherub. gI did wish she 'd just wear my blue set, ribbon is so very plain; but, as Tom says, it don't much matter; and Fanny gave an effective touch to the blue bow above Polly's left temple.
She 'd

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rather go, and I don't wonder. Let 's be just as jolly as we can while she stays, and finish up with your party, Fan, said Tom, in a tone that settled the matter. gPolly had expected to be very happy in getting ready for the party; but when the time came, she was disappointed; for somehow that naughty thing called envy took possession of her, and spoiled her pleasure. Before she left home, she thought her new white muslin dress, with its fresh blue ribbons, the most elegant and proper

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costume she could have; but now, when she saw Fanny's pink silk, with a white tarlatan tunic, and innumerable puffings, bows, and streamers, her own simple little toilet lost all its charms in her eyes, and looked very babyish and old-fashioned.

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