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CHER Show Package at Caesars Palace. Receive 1 night accommodation & 2 tickets to see Cher live. Rates from $239. Book today! Cher Dinner + Ticket Special: For a limited time only, . As part of this package, you will enjoy a 3-course dinner . 1-888-LAS VEGAS (527-8342 tickets to see Caesars Palace Concert. Las Vegas Photos, concert tour dates, setlist, read reviews and more! Caesar's Palace Las Deal - Cher Concert and Room Package. Great seats to see along with a fantastic room. Book your room today! promotions coupons for discount tickets at up to 50% off regular las vegas shows theater ticket prices. Hotels Near Show. Get deals on the best Vegas hotels located near The Colosseum where Chers show will kick off. cher las vegas Packages. Find great deals on Cher concert and travel packages including flights, hotels, and show tickets. Cher, KŔ, Blue Man Group and more. Las Vegas Nightclubs Our front-of-the-line passes get you right . Las Packages Save time and get a great deal when you book your .

Receive a complimentary bottle with your room when you book this at Imperial Palace Vegas! Dinner & Show Packages . and costumes for big fun." - Los Angeles Times "This is as good as Cher gets" - Sun

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