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(AP) - A national firearms industry group has opened its annual trade show in Vegas, amid calls for tougher gun restrictions after a . The Las Vegas Show began in 1991 . Copyright 1996-2011, Gun Show Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ver. 01/25/2011 Las Gun Show. Vegas Cashman Center. 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nv. Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-4 . August 4-5, 2007. Vegas. Crossroads of the West A calendar and schedule of upcoming Crossroads of the West Gun Shows. . Vegas, NV (Date Change) Buy Tickets! Ticket Policy 5th - 6th: The Cashman Center Feb 12-13 NV Vegas, South Pointe Casino, tbls $95,dealer set-up Fri 9-till Sat 9-5 sun 9-4 Rocky Mountain Gun Shows 801-430-4659 email: info .

The Las Show is the premier show of the Southwest. The people there are like no other place in the World. Beinfeld Productions has been producing qualily antique arms and collectible knife shows for more than 25 years and caters to the finest collectible arms dealers and . - Beneath the gold-flecked chandeliers and classical murals in the meeting rooms of the Venetian hotel and casino, the mighty $28 billion-a-year . May 14-15 Las Vegas, Cashman Center 850 Boulevard North, Rocky Mountain Gun Shows 801-430-4659 email:

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