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offers the best casinos & hotels in Las Vegas, Atlantic City & more, including Palace, Bally's Atlantic City & Paris - Book Online Now! - Dinner & Packages o . EMPIRE Online o Player Magazine o Las Vegas . HOME > Caesars Palace > EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT > EVENTS CALENDAR Cher to sing final farewell as Caesars residency comes to an end . Cher look-alike fans and Frank Marino's Divas Las attended the show, as many . Caesars presents premier Vegas shows and events featuring top names. Get ready to experience the best in las vegas entertainment. will do her final show at Palace in Vegas tonight. She's been doing performances there on and off for the last three . Caesars Las Vegas, caesars palace, vegas, hotel, casino, reservations, hotel reservations, show tickets, Caesars Palace! King of the Strip! Fabulous Caesars Palace Forum Shops, Shows, and Dining!

Since 1966, Caesar's Palace Vegas has hosted some of the best Vegas shows and finest Vegas restaurants. With beautiful Strip views and the finest amenities in Las .

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