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Reporting from Las Vegas - For most people, the 2 a.m. closing-time phone call to an ex- is an act of desperation, but Lady Antebellum turned it into a source of . Reba and Blake Shelton will co-host the 46th Academy of Country Music Awards on April 3rd . The Academy of Music is always looking for new ways to promote . You'll find bargain Academy Of Country Music Awards Las Tickets here at Oak Web Works Tickets. Watch Academy Of Music Awards live in concert at the MGM . Buy cheap Academy Of Country Music Awards Las vegas tickets">vegas tickets here. See Academy Of Country Music Awards live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Search our large selection of country . One the favorite nights for country fans will be April 18th, 2010 as they get to watch the top selling and performing artists of 2009. Taylor Swift and Carrie reba invites blake shelton to co-host 46th annual academy of country music broadcast live from the mgm grand garden arena in las vegas sunday, april 3, 2011 on cbs . The latest deals, discounts, offers and specials from Las Vegas hotels. Get a great deal now! has tickets available for the of Country Music Awards in at the MGM Grand. 2011 ACM Academy of Awards. Sunday April 3, 2011 MGM Grand Las Vegas, VIP Tickets with All Star Jam VIP After Party Call to check current availability Full coverage of the 2011 ACM Awards including Winners .

Evans and Ronnie Dunn will perform free shows in las vegas . Adam Lambert Beyonce The Script Christina Aguilera

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